Tiger Watch is a collective of dedicated individuals who are redefining wildlife conservation in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and its surroundings. With a hands on approach, we are at the forefront of the battle to safeguard not just the iconic tiger but the entire ecosystem that relies on its existence.

Landscapes We Work In

Ranthambhore National Park

Kailadevi Wildlife Sanctuary

Sawai Mansingh Wildlife Sanctuary

Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserve

Ramgarh-Vishdhari Tiger Reserve

National Chambal Sanctuary

What We Do

Anti Poaching

Poaching is a global menace fuelled by the illegal wildlife trade, the most lucrative black market business behind narcotics, human trafficking and illegal weapons. 

Mogya Education Program

The Mogyas are historically, a socially marginalized people. For centuries now, hunting has been the Mogya’s sole craft and something they proudly identify with. 

Tiger Monitoring Program

It is time to stop scaring people with visions of an unavoidable apocalyptic future and to start inspiring them with conviction that together, we a can turn the corner on …

Dieter & Liz Gutmann Tiger Conservation Program

Tiger Watch Ranthambhore has long assisted in enhancing and augmenting the Ranthambhore Forest Department’s capacity to tackle a myriad of challenges.

Scientific Research

With unprecedented access to previously unaccessible landscapes and people, Tiger Watch has forged new breakthroughs in the world of conservation research on wildlife, habitats and local communities. 

Bagh Mitra Tiger Conservation Awareness Program

Tiger Watch Ranthambhore runs programs with the explicit aim of creating more awareness of the natural heritage of the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and the challenges that plague the landscape.

Years Active

Founded in 1997 by Fateh Singh Rathore to combat poaching and the loss of Tiger habitat.

Field Staff

40 paid Village Wildlife Volunteers, 7 Mogya Education Program & 8 Bagh Mitra Program Teachers, + 8 office

Wildlife Criminals Arrested

Over 25 years, we have arrested poachers, middlemen and syndicate leaders.

Strong SAhyogi Network

The strength of our network in local communities in 135 villages surrounding Ranthambhore, Ramgarh Vishdhari, & Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserves.


Our team covers more than 135 villages surrounding the Ranthambhore, Ramgarh Vishdhari, & Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserves.

Sq. Km Landscape

Our operations cover the entire landscape around the Ranthambhore, Ramgarh Vishdhari, & Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserves.

Schools Educated

Our dedicated Bagh Mitra Teachers visit schools daily in and around the Ranthambhore, Ramgarh Vishdhari, and Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserves to inculcate conservation values into the children.

Research findings/publications

Our programs have given us access to previously inaccessible landscapes and we have forged new horizons in wildlife conservation research.

A Short Documentary by Warren Pereira, featuring Ishan Dhar.


The Missing Tigers of Ranthambhore 2020-2021

The most common questions people asked us during the pandemic were- what is the effect of the lockdown on tigers in Ranthambhore? are they safe? has poaching increased in Ranthambhore? Firstly, it should be clear that there was not a single year when tigers did not go...

The Mystery Behind the Missing Tigers

By Dharmendra Khandal, Ishan Dhar, Sachin Rai and Meenu DhakadThe following analysis is not to discredit the achievements of  the  Forest Department nor create sensational news, even though there is a lot of  interesting and important information for...

Current Status of Tigers in Ranthambhore ( 8/10/19)

Today, Tiger Watch did an in depth analysis of the current status of Tigers in Ranthambhore. There is consistent discussion and debate on the notion that there are 71 Tigers in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, but that there is only space for 50-55 Tigers. The correct...

Destiny’s Cubs: The success of Foster Care in Ranthambhore

In an unprecedented turn of events, the forest guards of Ranthambhore have attempted to raise orphaned tiger cubs in the wild, providing provisions and a semblance of security that was hitherto the responsibility of their mothers. Not only has this exercise over the...

Human Fatalities caused by Tiger Attacks in Ranthambhore

Due to their sudden rise, there is much discussion and debate around the recent tiger attacks in Ranthambhore. Tiger Watch has analysed all the facts surrounding tiger caused human fatalities in and around the Tiger Reserve. The following are our findings which are...

The Howling Wolves and Singing Community in Kailadevi

Wolves have earned the admiration and respect of many. However, in nearly all the geographical and socio-political contexts they find themselves in, wolves are feared and abhorred. Humans have evolved along with other species; one of the most important co-evolutions...

A Backgrounder on Human-Wildlife Conflict in Rajasthan

In a remote corner of Rajasthan, we went to explore places and facts forgotten by history. We worked our way down a deep gorge of the Vindhyan plateau, and up on the escarpment was a prehistoric human shelter, which had a pictograph of a tiger. The blood-red hematite...

2022-23 At a Glance

Our annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of Tiger Watch’s conservation efforts, achievements, and financial health. Learn how your support is making a difference to Ranthambhore’s tigers and their habitat. Download the full report, and to access previous reports click below.

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