Rajasthan Biodiversity: A Tiger Watch Initiative


Securing the future for Rajasthan’s rich and unique biodiversity.


Rajasthan’s biodiversity is a treasure trove of life, where each species, from the majestic Bengal tiger to the humble desert gerbil, plays a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of its unique ecosystems. This rich diversity, encompassing arid deserts, lush forests, and vibrant wetlands, is a testament to the state’s ecological resilience and provides a powerful reason for its conservation.

Protecting Rajasthan’s biodiversity is not just an ecological imperative; it is also vital for the well-being of its people and the sustainability of its economy. The diverse ecosystems provide essential services such as clean air and water, fertile soil, and climate regulation, while also supporting livelihoods through tourism, agriculture, and traditional medicine.

By safeguarding this natural heritage, we ensure a prosperous future for both Rajasthan’s environment and its communities.


Tiger Watch has progressively fostered a statewide approach to wildlife conservation in Rajasthan, recognizing the critical need for a unified “Rajasthan Biodiversity Network.”

This network aims to strengthen existing conservation efforts for key umbrella species across the state’s vulnerable landscapes by uniting the most passionate and dedicated individuals in this vital mission.



Consolidating key conservation efforts in the state of Rajasthan is the primary raison d’etre for the Rajasthan Biodiversity Network. There are multiple conservation efforts being led across the state from those focused on the Tiger in Ranthambhore to the perilously close to extinction, Great Indian Bustard in the Desert National Park. All are of equal importance to their ecosystems and all credible efforts to conserve them will be made a part of a broader narrative.



The implication of focusing on umbrella species is that a multitude of ecosystems across fragile landscapes will be protected. This will include pioneering and groundbreaking research expeditions across landscapes in Rajasthan. Any conservation interventions emanating from the network will be the most scientifically informed to date.



Awareness is the 3rd pillar of the network. All the network’s findings are available on an online portal. The network is also accessible to the general public to constructively engage with via the portal. The network will be the MOST credible source of information on all matters relevant to Rajasthan’s biodiversity.


Mr. Abhimanyu Golcha

Abhimanyu Golcha has been Director of the Golcha Group since 1994. In this capacity, he leads a group of Industries which are engaged in Mining, Cosmetics, Cinemas and Banking. A nature lover with a soft spot for wildlife photography and local indigenous cultures, his love for Ranthambhore and his support for Tiger Watch led initiatives such as the Rajasthan Biodiversity Network, came about very naturally. He also serves on Tiger Watch’s board of directors.

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