A Short Documentary by Warren Pereira, featuring Ishan Dhar.

Curbing the Crisis is an eye-opening 28-minute documentary by Tiger Watch, concerning the loss of tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, one of India’s most celebrated tiger reserves. The film features shocking and rare footage of poachers confessing their crimes and the reasons for the crisis to recur have been highlighted in the movie. It is a must-watch for those concerned with wildlife conservation! The entire footage is original, not dramatised, recreated or digitally modified.

The film’s total budget including shooting, editing and post-production has costed less than Rs. 5000 (105 USD).

This film was made in the Year 2006.

A community protects wildlife and humans around Ranthambore tiger reserve

This short clip made by Mongabay India, tells the story of how Tiger Watch’s tiger monitoring team comprised of local community members called the Village Wildlife Volunteers monitors the movement of wildlife, plays a role in the protection of wildlife and involves the larger community living in and around Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in wildlife conservation.

A Short Documentary by investigative journalist Jay Mazoomdaar, telling the story of Mogya tribal hunters – how they live, how they hunt tigers, how the delivery chain works, how the wildlife mafia exploits them, and if they have a choice…

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